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Our smart solutions are based on a whole-of-organizational approach and it is demand-driven, user-centric, flexible, and focused on sustainability, scalability, and multi-sector collaboration.

The People and villagers in Fiji face a host of challenges, including geographic isolation, lack of human resources, low availability and quality of infrastructure, and vulnerability to external shocks. In remote areas and in outer islands access to information, government services, transport, health, finance, commerce and education needs prioritized attention.

High costs of electricity and lack of affordable connectivity exacerbate the above challenges for most Fijian. Not only does the absence of digital technology to the digital divide, but it also deprives village communities of the opportunity to leverage digital solutions to obtain better access to essential services. We have the Smart technology solutions that adopts an innovative approach to deliver connectivity and scalable and sustainable services to disadvantaged village communities. The Smart technology solutions aims at transforming rural and coastal communities and improving their well-being and livelihood by connecting them to a range of digitally enabled services.

The need to develop rural communities in terms of productivity and convenience, so as to curb urban migration as to be looked into with urgency. Our attention needs to be shifted to the development of villages in remotest of areas with the goal of combating rural–urban migration, and moving toward self-sufficiency in rural areas. This situation has birthed the smart technology idea in villagers. Smart technology initiatives is motivating efforts aimed at improving the live and livelihood of rural dwellers. These initiatives are focused on improving lives of many itaukei people. Nevertheless, a major challenge faced by proponents of the smart technology concept is how to provide a framework for the development of the term, so that this development is tailored towards sustainability. The current solutions we have can be used to develop a framework for smart village development.

Our solutions are towards ensuring rural communities enjoy better lives. These efforts culminated into the coining of the word "smart village", defined as a community that tries to develop current strength and resources, while making futuristic developmental plans on the basis of technology Furthermore, the need to bridge the digitization gap between cities and villages, is also an important aspect, so that lives and livelihood can be improved. Since a smart village is one that seemingly accepts new technologies.

Our smart solutions are based on a whole-of-organizational approach and it is demand-driven, user-centric, flexible, and focused on sustainability, scalability, and multi-sector collaboration. It is designed to manifest digital transformation at the community level, to leave no one behind. The initiative leverages the four pillars of improving livelihood of itaukei people using smart technologies Improving lives in rural areas in order to stop rural to urban drift Ensuring self-sustainability and enhancing digital skills by connecting each person in remotest area to digital world Providing digital services, to impact people's lives based on their local priorities

We have solutions to many problems! We can help create a self-sustainable economy by boosting the Fijian people with our Smart Solutions. Some of our products and technologies include.
Smart Agriculture Monitoring
Smart Air Quality Monitoring
Smart Livestock Monitoring
Smart Tourism
Smart Hydrology
Smart Water Monitoring
Smart Mangroves and Coral reef monitoring
Smart Aquaculture
Smart GreenHouse
Smart Flood Detection Solution
Smart Agriculture System Solution As a agriculture driven country, Fiji's Agricultural development advantages are slowly decreasing. The smart agriculture will bring along a new agricultural structural reform. The fundamental problem is low and insufficient efficiency. The reason lies in the lack of coupling effects of various production factors and inadequate connection of the industrial chain. The larger agricultural system is not sufficiently circular and synergistic. We have solution to improve Dalo, Ginger, Kava production as per market need and standards.

Smart Mangrove & Coral Reef Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor real-time information about soil and weather conditions for Coral reefs and mangrove conservation and protection as part of environmental, livelihood, and disaster preparedness programs.

Smart Air-Quality Monitoring Solution Our IoT-based Smart Air Quality Monitoring Solution with automation capabilities allows you to assess toxic and flammable gas proportions along with the concentration of air pollutants round the clock. - https://research.qut.edu.au/ilaqh/projects/sensors-fiji/

Smart Irrigation Solution There are many factors that impact the health and quality of a harvest, water is perhaps one of the most vital. Irrigation management plays an important role in ensuring that crops are getting the right amount of water at the right time.

Smart Livestock Farming Solution Traditional breeding methods not only have low production efficiency, but also have major problems in pollution control, disease prevention & control and food safety. the effects of the brucellosis and tuberculosis disease are still widespread. Modern farming technology, equipment and inputs, which includes use of mechanization, biotechnology, innovations and better farming practices will increase productivity, profitability and food security.

Smart Water Quality Monitoring The proposed water quality monitoring system is consisting of a microcontroller and basic sensors, is compact and is very useful for pH, turbidity, water level detection, temperature and humidity of the atmosphere, continuous and real-time data sending via wireless technology to the monitoring station.

Smart Hydrological Monitoring Solution Water plays an irreplaceable role in human survival and development. However, it is uncommon for flood disasters to seriously affect human safety and loss of productivity. The frequent recurrence of flood disasters in small and medium sized rivers has become the main body of flood disaster losses in many villages. Water conservancy and flood control are related to the stability of society and the safety of people.

Smart Aquaculture Solution With the continuous expansion of aquaculture scale and density, contemporary aquaculture methods have been forced to overproduce resulting in the accelerated imbalance rate of water environment, the frequent occurrence of fish diseases, and the decline of aquatic product quality. Aquaculture is facing huge challenges, but there is also a bigger opportunity. Ecological, facility, industrial, and intelligent are the future development directions of aquaculture.

Smart Greenhouse Solution In Fiji, we all know agriculture is the broadest economic sector, and the majority of the population is dependent on agriculture, which makes a major contribution to the development in Fiji. When technology and agriculture combine, it will give better results. By unlocking massive crop insights, a smart greenhouse allows growers to minimize labor work, improve efficiency in resource and chemical use while optimizing yield rates.

IoT Enabled Efficient Clean Cookstove that Generates Electricity (Biomass) This is a smokeless cookstove that cooks food 5 times faster using 70% less biomass to generate microelectricity with built-in IoT system for improved monitoring. It produces a smokeless cookstove that uses 70% less cooking fuel to cook foods five times faster than traditional stoves, and self-generates electricity. It uses Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile phone technology to allow beneficiaries to receive remittance of carbon credits based on usage. Woodchips, pellets, charcoal can be used as fuel.


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