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Ibda Energy was established with the aim to provide reliable, revolutionary, green, environmental-friendly, and economic solutions to reduce global warming effects and achieve high energy efficiency.

Ibda Energy has partnered up with Radi-Cool Advanced Energy Technologies Co., Ltd to offer radiative cooling products and solutions to wide range of customers across pacific.

Our radiative cooling technology has the ability to cool objects under direct sunlight with zero electricity and water consumption. It sheds heat in the form of infrared thermal radiation and reflects solar light from the objects it covers.

The Radi-Cool radiative cooling metamaterial features a high solar reflectivity and a high-infrared emissivity accros the atmospheric window. It establishes an efficient radiative heat transfer channel between the object and the cold Universe. Without additional energy input, the metamaterial cools object even under direct sunlight.

Radi-Cool Zero-Consumption Cooling Technology is a patented technology in USA, China, and all other Southeast Asian countries. The first product line was set up in Colorado, USA, while the massive product line was set up in China, and now Ibda Group introduces it to Fiji and the Pacific countries.

Radiative Cooling Technology

Heat is continuously transmitted to the cold Universe in the form of infrared thermal radiation through the atmospheric window. It can cool an object 30 degree Celsius lower than its temperature at a given time.

Metamaterial Design

Infrared radiation through atmospheric transmission window is significantly enhanced by controlling the interactions of electromagnetic waves with micro/nano structures.

Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Structure

Environment-friendly product made out of glass, silver, and polymer. The advanced design hybrid organic-inorganic materials enables highly efficient roll-to-roll manufacturing processes for large-scale commercial use.

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